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Theatre SA Online was one of the fastest growing
Theatre websites featuring
very useful information
for Theatre goers, Journalists, Industry Practitioners,
Events organisers,
Writers, Historians, Entertainers, Students
and others.

Please be patient with us as we
rebuild this website.

Some of the content coming to this website

* (click here)Directory of Entertainment businesses & organizations

* (click here)Alphabetical list of over 400 Entertainers

* (click here)List of over 35 Theatre venues in South Africa

* (click here)List of Agents for Performers

* (click here)Months of the Year in South African Languages

* (click here)List of Theatre shows

* (click here)over 1,200 Birthdays of Entertainers

* (click here)List of Entertainment Awards

* (click here)Top 9 ratings on TheatreSA

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